Act your AGE!

I honestly don’t know why little girls find it cute now a day to act like they’re grown. As a little kid we may think its fun to be an adult but we only see one side to it. Being grown comes with its cost. I’m not going to tell you about the responsibilities because you should already know that. Now kids want to do grown up things, and the number one thing is sex.It is NOT! I repeat NOT cute to be 11 and not a virgin or 12 and a mother. Just because you may feel pressured because everyone ‘says’ their doing it, you don’t have to. Be the one who stands apart from the crowd. Be the one who starts new trends and not a follower. There is absolutely no respect when you sell yourself short. People will like you more if you respect yourself and your body. Make yourself a prize that only a big ring can buy, not someone who everyone and their brother has seen before, because there’s no value in an old worn out pair of hands-down shoes. Be a lady and respect yourself, if someone wants you to do something like sex too early, they don’t love or respect you. Love wont hurt you or leave you when you said no, it will respect you and love you evenImage more.


Any thoughts? Leave comment!

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