What NOT to Wear!


Modesty is the best policy.  We are only human, and with being human we judge. What someone wears can say a lot, or little. I know that there are girls out there that hate it when a guy calls them out their name like a whore, but can you really blame them? We all know what whores wear, really short, tight, see-through clothing. Some young girls seem to find it okay to wear these items without taking this in consideration. If you wear what a stripper wears, why are you confused that a guy thinks you might be a stripper? Honestly I’m going to think you’re a stripper. As ladies we’re not suppose to dress in a way that reveals too much. We must dress in a way to leave the mind wandering. If you dress with everything showing or outlined, what else is there? You’re already giving the guy what he wanted to see, so why should he respect you? If you feel the need to show you can but too to. If you going to show your legs, then cover your top, and if your going to show you top, cover your legs. The way you dress that’s the way people will treat you. You can still be cute and covered. Think of it as upholding your family’s name. When you go out and see a relative, that relative will go back to your mother saying, “Why was your daughter dresses like a whore? Shame, my daughter could never!” I’m pretty sure I don’t want to hear anyone saying about my child. What this all boils down to is have respect for yourself, and the rest will follow.


Any thoughts? Leave comment!

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