How a Man Should Treat a Lady.


No ladies, all men aren’t perfect, in fact none of them are! Now if a guy likes you that’s great, he shows it to you. If a guy loves you, you can see it not only hear it. How he treats you say’s everything about his feelings for you. If a guy calls you names that are demeaning, rude, disrespectful, then he DOESN’T CARE about you. No guy if he truly loves you will ever make you feel like someone or something you’re not. His language he uses around you also says a lot. If he directs a certain remark towards you that is rude like, “So when can I hit?” He’s not the one. If he respects you he won’t care about how long he might have to wait until you’re comfortable, and even then he shouldn’t force you. Don’t try to be another random he can add to his wall of shame. The type of guy you should look for are the ones who can talk to you without having to bring up sex or anything sexual. It’s even better when you can talk face to face, texting isn’t so honest. you can basically say anything without any real emotions, and its way to easy to lie. A guy that cares for you wouldn’t mind opening the door for you, making sure you’re okay, call you first, make sure your his number 1 girl (not including his mother, can’t compete with her). When you need his help, he’ll come running no matter if you need help studying or you’re in the hospital, his love will be endless.  He can tell you when it’s too late, even though he doesn’t want you to go. Won’t need to hide anything or keep secrets from you. Where you can act like best friends and do the goofy things but at the same time be serious and have heart to heart conversations. He would want to show you his mother more than his friends. He would support you with everything you do in life, and push you to do better and to be a better person. Even when he’s mad at you, he still cares. When you go out, its manly for him to pay, but it’s also good to be considerate. Everything should be 50 50, don’t give more than is needed, especially when it comes to a guy. The last, but certainly not least, he should be your best friend. You should share everything with each other. The longer the relationship gets the more secrets will share, just give it time. Make sure you can trust him completely without having any doubts. remember one is plenty, don’t be a sideline or allow that. Thanks for the help and ideas from my boyfriend Justice Collins.


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