This is always the most exciting time of year for many girls. Junior and Seniors girls everywhere are eligible to go to prom. Prom is a night where high school students get dressed up very fancy to go out to a dance which was set up by the student for the students. For some its magical and memorable. Through out the years I feel that prom has lost some of its significance. Before it was about that guy asking that girl, they get dressed up and celebrate leaving high school, and most importantly graduation. Now, people seem to think its an excuse to go out a drink and have sex while looking half as good. Ladies there’s nothing wrong with going out and having a good time but you can have a good time without being easy or stupid. Honestly underage drinking may seem fun but I like to remember what I did and be proud of myself. Know your limit and don’t accept drinks from people you’re not to sure about of might seem iffy. Even with guys you know, they will drug you just so he can sleep with you without your consent. It’s usually the ones that are close to us that hurt us the most. Also if you do drive, DON’T drive. When  it comes to having sex, it’s not a guarantee. If you don’t want to, then don’t! Simple as could be. If the guy is pressuring you then obviously that’s all he wants when the night is over. Just because you have a wonderful night doesn’t mean you have to give up your goods, save it for the most special night of your life (which should be your wedding night). If you decide to have sex be safe, don’t let a guy tell you he can pull out, it doesn’t work, no matter how good or a pro he is. If he doesn’t care enough to make sure you don’t end up with his child, he’s not ready to have your body. Always remember guys LIE! Especially to have sex.

Now dresses themselves are a complete topic. Some of the dresses girls wear are not cute! This is what it comes down to, not every dress is for every girl. What looks good on one person won’t look good  on you. First you should know your body type and be honest. Then the colors that makes you shine or glow, every girl has that special color that can make you look like a goddess. Once you find that out, stick to those colors. The way the dresses fit too, says a lot. Know your body size. There is nothing more embarrassing than having parts of your body bulging out your dress looking flabby. Plus, think of your age, you’re still young and most of you are still developing. Showing the whole world your goods isn’t the best idea. Modesty is the best policy when figuring out on how much to show. Lastly, please remember that this is a formal event, so elegance is important. This ghetto fabulous trend going around isn’t cute. Your dresses are supposed to be long and flowing. Your hair is supposed to be up in a nice simple yet pretty hairdo. Now there are some exceptions, but they depend on the girl. There are a few girls who can wear short dresses but that doesn’t mean that they should. Also don’t wear your entire hair down if you’re going to wear your hair down. It’s about elegance, it’s about being proper ladies. Don’t overdo it with jewelry, less is more in that case. Up-dos call for earrings, studs or dangling, not hoops. Low cut dresses call for one big necklace that looks like a row of diamonds, or something that comes close. Try to stay away from jewelry that has the same color as your dress, its tacky. You don’t need bangles, a nice clutch purse serves that purpose and your nails will top it. Most important, have fun!! Its your night, so enjoy it.


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