Where are you going?


Women have certainly come a long way from having no rights, not being able to read, vote, and not having a voice. It took some very courageous women in our history to get us where we are today. Now we have those rights and more. Anything a man can do a woman can do too. All these new things to empower women are here for us to use but yet some of us fall short. Some of us are selling ourselves short. We can be much more than what we are now. We should all have a dream and actually have that dream come true. No dream is too big, but do you know why? At a point in time we heard that we wouldn’t make it or we won’t be that great at something. There are a lot of people out there to put you down and make your dreams seem useless. If you look around, you can see that people did achieve the exact same thing you want to be. Don’t you think they heard the same things you did? They did, but the only difference between them and you is that they didn’t listen to those negative people. In fact, they proved them wrong. They surpassed all the negativity and the places they were in and overcame the odds. They wanted to make a change and be that person who made it. So if they did it what’s stopping us from doing the same and achieving even more. Why be one of the statistics? People don’t expect girls to be much, no more than mothers. Being a mother is a wonderful and full-time career, if you are taking care and supporting your child to fulfill their dreams, but to me its settling. I want to leave my mark in this world and being able to make a change as a lady. I don’t want to be a baby mama, a random girl walking the streets, someone’s late night, or a nobody. I want for people to address me with authority and respect and you should too. Its better to focus more on your dreams and futures more than anything else. Get yourself together. Guys will always be there, they technically don’t have an age limit, they can do what ever when ever. Behind a great woman is her equally successful husband.  As ladies we have to fight the odds, to give the next generation a fighting chance. Never settle and never give up, the sky is the limit, because it doesn’t matter where you come from it’s where your going.


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