Your Body, Your Type

Now ladies, not everyone has a perfect figure, in fact none of us do. God blessed us with these bodies, and it our duty to wear things that flatter us. Now there are various body shapes and I’m going to break them down. Its easier to visualize body shapes with letters.

The X body shape is the one everyone wants to look like. This is the hourglass figure that looks good in almost everything. You have this body shape when your bust and hips are at least 10 inches bigger than your waist. For example if you have a 34 bust, 36 hips, and 24 waist, you are the X.

The H body shape is what we all start out with as young girls, and some never grow out of. This is that straight up and down look. You don’t have many curves to work with but you can make the illusion. Wearing things that make your waist look smaller can help.

The V body shape is when your bust is bigger than everything else by a significant number. You’re basically top-heavy. Some women like it other don’t but to make it look like you do have hips, wear things that define your legs. Not too short or the opposite effect will happen.

The A body shape is when your hips are the biggest part of your body. Having nice hips or junk in the trunk can be nice but you can add some to the top portion of your body. You can easily wear padded bras or wear thing that show you shoulders.

The O body shape is when your bust, waist and hips are pretty much the same all the way around. its Important not to wear things that make your legs look skinny like skinny jeans because it enhances your body in a negative way. Wearing pants to show off your legs to make them looks wider by the calf is better. Also the same with the arms.

The last body type can only be described as a Diamond. This body is when your waist is the biggest thing. Wearing the right size pants and shirts that aren’t skin-tight. Draw the attention from your stomach and you’ll be fine.

Lastly you can be more than one but less than three. But what ever shape we are, know we are beautiful. If you want to feel beautiful start by looking beautiful. Just because someone might look good in some thing doesn’t mean you will too. Find your own style and work with it.


Any thoughts? Leave comment!

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