Pretty Girls DON’T Fight!


Growing up, my father always told me, ” Pretty girls don’t fight.” I never really understood what he meant back then, but now looking back I realize that he was right. Now I’m not speaking to the professional women that fight in martial art tournaments I’m speaking to all the girls who think fighting is the only way to resolve a conflict. I know that there are moments and people who will push you to the point of hitting them but that doesn’t mean you should. The most disrespectful thing you can do to a person is to put your hands on someone, but now it’s getting worse because girls think its cool to spit or even use weapons. To be honest, it’s not attractive for a lady to act like a SAVAGE. Men fight and animals fight, but ladies don’t fight! We argue, and we are pretty good at it. Being a lady, you shouldn’t have to act like a man to get your point across, we weren’t built that way. Men were built with upper body strength because they need to fight, or work in other terms. Fighting can only do one thing and that is hurt. You get scars, bruises, broking parts, and sometimes death. Getting hit in the face can cause more damage than you think. If you get hit in the nose the wrong way, it can break off and go straight to your brain and kill you. Now I’m not sure about girls but ladies don’t fight. Guys don’t think its cute for girls to fight, in fact its a turn off! In fact fighting for a guy shows that he doesn’t respect you at all. If he wants to be with you then he’ll be with you. No guy would want his girl to fist fight some other girl to prove her love, he would step in and tell the other girl to get lost. I think that’s one of the most saddest things is to fight over men, food, or other things in abundance. All my life I never had to fight, I’ve argued, can’t say I won them all though. It takes more guts and courage to actually sit down with someone and talk about the problem than to fight and never resolve the issue.

Also, don’t start the fight but make sure you finish it. You don’t have to stand there and let someone beat on you, defend yourself. There’s nothing wrong with self-defense because you didn’t start it. Remember only a coward will put their hands on someone.


Any thoughts? Leave comment!

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