He said, she said. The chain that never stops. Every ones doing it, no one is excluded. We all at one point have talked about a person or been spoke about. Whether it be good or bad, gossip is gossip. Even the good gossip can get turned into bad with just a few extra words or fewer words. As woman we tends to talk a lot. Why do we talk a lot? No one really knows, it’s just in our genetics I guess to talk. Now some of us gossip because we’re bored, and that can easily be fixed. Get busy! Start doing extra activities, make yourself busy. Others gossip because we may not like the person we are gossiping about. Be honest, we don’t like everyone, and the people we especially don’t like we can say more hurtful things towards just because of our feeling towards them. It may make you feel better for the moment, but all that does is make you look like a bad person. Gossiping says more about you than the person you’re talking about because its obvious that they are affecting you. You may say that you don’t care about them and that they don’t affect you but they do. It’s a mental control, but it’s not on purpose. Your hatred for them just consumed you to the point that every little thing they do bothers you, and if it didn’t you wouldn’t feel the need to talk about them. Its called growing up and letting the past be the past. What ever may have mad you not like that person, let it go. The rest of us may gossip because its fun or the highlight of your day. Honestly if that’s your purpose, then your life sucks. I mean if that’s all you look forward to doing, then what kind of life do you have. Your main focus shouldn’t be other people it should be yourself and how you can make yourself better, not bring people down so you feel better. Being a strong lady means that you can hear something and know its wrong and stopping it when it happens. Its knowing that gossiping hurts everyone and everything you hear isn’t the truth. There are always two sides to each story and we are only hearing one side.

Getting gossip about hurts. You don’t know who really started it, or where it may end up. Some things aren’t that big, but others can ruin your life. Some people actually lose their jobs, family or friends over gossip. You can’t really stop people from gossiping about you but you can give them something to gossip about. People watch you, all the time, even when you don’t expect it. Doing things that may make you seem like a bad person or something that isn’t respectful people will talk about it. Doing things that are helpful, kind, and generous will give people something to talk about but it would be good. Knowing how to act with gossip says and does a lot. Don’t get caught in the traps. Remember, people will always talk, doesn’t mean you have to listen.

I Love what I do, and that’s talk about problems I see in the world. If you want to start just click this link for more : http://bst.is/MtV3W8


2 thoughts on “Gossip!

  1. I really liked how you related the gossip to a psychological problem with the person doing the gossiping. it really makes you wonder why people can’t let the past go. I know I have been guilty of something like that recently, but I have since gotten past that dilemma. Tarika = B0$$ #1093Nation

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