Good Hygiene


Nothing is worse than when you smell, feel, and look bad. A lady shouldn’t have to be told how to keep herself clean but some girls need to be taught. Taking and making some time out for yourself to look, feel and smell beautiful makes a huge difference. No girls should ever have to hear that they aren’t clean or that they smell bad if they take care of  themselves. If your under the age off 12, make sure you know how to shower the right way, and everyday. The truth is if you rinse with water repeatedly you don’t need soap but for most of us that’s not the case. Soap matters and the type you use matters. Making sure you get in between every crease and spot can make a difference. If you wash as much as you can, you wont need deodorant, perfume, or anything else you’ll just naturally smell great. You could even skip and day and no one could tell. We should to remember that oral hygiene is crucial. One of the first things people look at is your mouth. Having pearly whites won’t cut it any more. How your mouth smells is a deal breaker. Brush your teeth for at least 2 minutes then your tongue for a minute. Also your gums and cheeks. Finally rinse with mouthwash. It may seem like a lot but your mouth and your friends will be very appreciative. Now if your older than 12 you have more to worry about. Shaving can be time-consuming but it’s needed. You can’t go out with hairy anything. The summer is too hot and hair adds heat. Also its an eye soar. No one likes hairy anything. Make sure to wash the hair on your head as often as needed but not everyday. That will make your hair brittle and actually damage it. If you have greasy hair, let it stay a day. If you have dry hair, put grease in it. To get a healthy shine you need grease, and you need clean. You have to find a medium. The biggest thing for every girl is to make sure you’re not fishy. Yes, change your pads and tampons frequently. Also if it the time of the month (TOM) take showers a lot!. If you have to take them twice a day or 3 times, do it. Its better to be to clean than to get embarrassed in front of everyone. Never think you can be to clean or cautious when it come  to tom because he can sneak up on you and cause many accidents. As we get older, those little mistakes won’t be viewed as ‘oops’ any more. Being a lady you have to love and respect yourself before any one else can love you. Take time to look, feel, and smell beautiful! Because honestly, like L`Oreal said, “You’re worth it.”

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