When is too much, TOO MUCH?!

Don’t have time to shower so I guess I’ll just do a double dose of everything. So no one notices if I’m a little off.

Good Hygiene Continued..

Honestly, what’s with the extra? Ladies have you ever heard that too much of a good thing is a bad thing? Well now you have! Doing too much isn’t cute, healthy, smart, or attractive. It make you seem as if your over compensating for something you may lack. For those who think if you don’t shower and adding things won’t make you smell bad, you couldn’t be more wrong. When smells mixes it creates a whole new scent, a bad one. It smells like you’re trying but you failed. The best thing to do is not to wear any perfume. When and if you don’t shower use a wet wash cloth and wipe yourself clean. If you have scented lotion, its works the same way as perfume. Also those scents can fade and work at the wrong moments. For those who do take showers but still wear too much perfume, please stop. When you’re clean you have a nice natural smell to you. You don’t really need anything. Wearing deodorant and 2 or 3 squirts of the same perfume is plenty. When you walk by someone, they shouldn’t have to cough or smell you coming. Only when standing next to you or you walked pass them should they smell a light gentle smell, and that leaves a better impression. Also keep it simple on the makeup. The natural look is in! It brings out the natural beauty and that’s some thing everyone loves.


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