Simple Times.


In todays time women have careers. We have important role in society and some can say we run this world. Of all the accomplishments women have made over the years its kind of sad that most women lost where it all came from. We are women and we can multitask better than any man but when the work day is over, then what? It’s important to have a job but it’s also important to know how to take care of yourself and your surroundings. Ladies, you have to know how to cook and clean! There’s no better way to say it. It’s where we started, and it’s what our moms, grandmothers, aunt, or some type of female role model in your life told you at one point. I know some women can’t cook but that doesn’t mean you can’t clean. Growing up my mother cooked almost everyday, and the house was spotless. She wasn’t a house wife it’s just what her mother taught her to do. Your home is where you dwell and where your secrets are. You can’t have company with a messy house. Plus they expect you to have food prepared for them to eat and enjoy. It’s not hard to cook. There are recipes and you can get helpful tips from someone who can cook or watch the cooking channel. Knowing how to cook shows that you can take care of yourself and your needs without having to pay for it. Going out is fun but at times a nice home cooked meal is what everyone needs. Also another perk about cooking is that men love it. The way to a man’s heart is his stomach. If you can make a wonderful dinner for him he can’t help to fall in love. Also its puts you apart from other girls, and this way he can spend his money on a gift for you instead of having to pay for dinner. Knowing how to clean is crucial. Who wants a dirty, messy, stinky house? If you do, I hope your ready for everything that comes with it. Bugs and insects are drawn to smells and if your house has a funky smell, they are coming for you. If you don’t always have time to clean, make sure you don’t make big messes or keep your KITCHEN, BATHROOM, and any room that’s in immediate site of company. If you don’t, more likely people won’t be willing to go to your house for food, and you can forget about offering them something to eat or drink. If your kitchen isn’t clean why should they drink from you. You could get them sick by poising them. If people are in your house and they sit completely still, don’t spend the night, don’t ask for anything or don’t search for anything? Then your house needs to be cleaned. A clean house is inviting. People ask for things, they go through your stuff because they know nothing will jump out at them. They feel comfortable and safe, which is what a home should be. Best of all a clean home has a clean smell to it. Ladies please make sure you can cook and clean, not just for the benefit of others but to reflect the type of person you are. You can’t go out and gossip about how dirty someone else’s house is if yours is a complete mess.


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