Social Media… Really?


Ladies!! Come on now! Really? Is this what we’ve come to? What is with you and these pictures? For something to be so ridiculous and make you look so unattractive, there sure are a lot of you doing it. First, if you have thin lips or no lips at all, stop! You look like a real duck! Hence duckface. It’s not making you look cute or even sexy. Guys laugh at girls because you are trying to achieve a look that is not your own. Supermodels or actress do this but the thing is they have professionals helping them and the use a lot of air brushing to make them look nice. What do we have? Photoshop. Although you can make some pretty cool effects, you can’t hide the horrible impression of what you were trying to create, duckface. The girls with full lips or big lips, stop! You don’t need to push your lips out, they’re already big enough, try just closing your mouth and you get the same effect. You guys look really ridiculous because you already have the fullness and shape everyone else wants but you’re just making yourself look stupid. Here’s an idea, let’s smile. A simple cute smile with or without teeth if you like. That’s a way better look than this stupid duckface. Now on to acting hood or gangster. Why? Why do younger girls find it cute to have picture with their middle finger up, showing their boobs or booty? They must think its cute. Well guess what? It’s not! All it shows it that you’re immature and that guys can make fun of you without you knowing it. It’s not only the young girls but also the older ones too. Now if you find yourself posting these half-naked picture and some guy comments sexy, nice, da**, or something else stupid, he’s making fun of you. Whether you or him realize it or not. Try posting pictures with smiles and you wearing clothes that cover up your body but still cute and see what people say. You should get beautiful, because that’s what we are. These pictures that you may think are cute just because your friends are doing them or you may get a million likes. Pay attention to who is liking them. If its guys with their shirts off trying to look cute, that says a lot. Also stop with the bikini shot in the middle of winter, in your bathroom mirror. It’s freezing cold outside and you decide to go swimming, where? Who are you trying to impress? If you have a nice body you don’t have to show if off. It’s understandable when your on a beach, by the ocean and its blazing hot for you to have a picture of you in your bikini, but anywhere else just stop. Your actually making it easier for guys to see your goods, when in turn they should have to work for it. Your body is special and so are you. Don’t degrade yourself just because some guys have a lust problem. Remember, that’s their problem. Lastly, stop with all the same pictures over and over posted daily, mostly on Instagram. Some of you girls post the same picture about a million times. It will be different times of the day, different emotions, and different place but the same face. ‘I’m bored’ or ‘I’m hungry’ or ‘Caught me off guard.’ How are you caught off guard with the same smile, pose, and look you just had for bored? If you’re pretty, okay we get it you’re pretty. If you’re ugly, trust me no one wants to see that. All in all, ladies if you respect yourself, stop the duckface, stop the half naked, boobs out booty out poses, stop the bikini in winter and stop the everyday same picture posting.

 I Love what I do, and that’s talk about problems I see in the world. If you want to start just click this link for more :


3 thoughts on “Social Media… Really?

  1. What’s wrong with just having fun when you want to take pictures not to impress anyone just being yourself and making faces that you like? Is there a law now that you can’t make certain faces in the pictures that you take ??
    And who cares what everyone else says if we focus on what others think about us we won’t get anywhere .

    1. There’s nothing wrong with having fun, but those aren’t the pictures I’m speaking of. I’m speaking about the picture that are trying to look sexy, but end up looking stupid. Girls, including myself, can look stupid with these poses. It’s fun but its also makes us look weird. I’m saying to show our natural beauty, making faces can’t make us look pretty. What ever happened to a smile?

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