Life is too precious to end it.

Suicide is a permanent solution, to a temporary problem.

Suicide is a permanent solution, to a temporary problem. I can’t stress that enough. All our problems we face today are only temporary, they can’t last forever. You may think they will but guess what, it doesn’t, in fact it can’t! If you’re getting bullied, you have options. You can tell your teacher, parents, guardians, friends, and any adult figure. You can also stand up to them, or get help. It sometimes may feel scary to stand up to a bully but trust me, they are hurting more on the inside. Bullies only pick on others to make themselves feel better because they have problems of their own, usually at home. They have a build up frustration that they take out on others. If you see someone getting bullied, DO SOMETHING! Never think that things will get better or that it will stop. Don’t just stand there and be a witness to public violence. Seeing something happen that can possibly cost someone their life, makes you guilty (punishable by law) by default because it didn’t have to go that far, plus you will have a huge guilt put on yourself. Now if you see someone depressed or down, then something is wrong. We are quick to say that we’re fine when we’re really not. People usually slip into depression due to bills, work, kids, or anything at all. Never think someone will be okay. Never assume, you know what happens when you assume. There is help everywhere. Be a friend and reach out. Never promise not to tell if it’s a life or death situation. If you are the one suffering and are thinking about ending your life. STOP, nothing or no one is worth your life. You are precious whether you know it or not, you are. Someone out there loves you and God loves you. Things may seem hard now but they can change. People grow up, you can move, you can just stop. If people are your problem, cut those people out your life. negative people can only bring you down. Surround your self with positivity and comfort. If your job is the problem, you can always find another one. If you really step back and evaluate your life, you can change everything. If you’re not happy, change it so you are! Don’t let anything or anyone get the best of you.

For help: or call Call us1-800-273-TALK (8255) or


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