Respect your Elders!


When I say ‘elders’ I don’t only mean the senior citizens. What I mean by elders is someone who holds authority over you. If there’s a huge age difference like 5 to 10 years then yes, they are your elders. Its rude and disrespectful to speak to someone older than you like they are your best friend. We’ve all had that one friend who mouths off to their parent and we might think its cool, but it’s not! Your parents are the people who brought you into this world. Now not all of us have the best parents but we need to respect that they are our parents. For those who have parents or guardians that take care of you and love you, why be rude? Honestly its your parents fault for not standing up to you, but give them a break, they are trying. If you think about it, if your kids were mouthing off to you how would you feel, and would you let it continue? They say that ours kids will be 30 percent worse than what we were, and honestly that’s a horrible thought. My parent made sure I show respect or else I get a spanking or on punishment. For those who don’t have the best parents or don’t know or don’t see eye to eye with your parents, just remember that you owe them nothing but your respect. I know that not having the best parents can affect your judgment, but honestly they don’t owe you anything either. They brought you into the world, if anything be thankful for that. There is no law stating that your parents have to keep you or take care of you so you can’t be mad if they don’t. Be happy that you had a chance to live life, because lots of children are unborn each day. Having that anger against your parents because their not the best only hurts you. The best thing to do is just to respect them and leave it at that. Those who respect their parents live longer, Ephesians 6:3 (bible). If you find it funny to use profanity with older people, then your wrong. There’s nothing more disrespectful because they aren’t your friends! How would you feel if your 7-year-old brother or sister or their friend came up to you swearing? You would shut that down quickly. Its kind of the same thing. No adult want to have a conversation with someone younger than them, speaking like a sailor. Its even worse if you speak to your boss like that. You just might get fired.


One thought on “Respect your Elders!

  1. Too true. Respect for our elders is very poor these days. We live in a “get quick” culture and don’t appreciate the struggles of the past.

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