What’s with all the backstabbing? The betrayal? Believe it or not at point all girls (and guys) were two-faced. No I don’t mean she had two faces, I mean that we acted one way in front of someone and then switched to a completely different person to another. Sometimes there wasn’t anything bad being sad but either way you’re not being yourself. When people are two-faced they are looking for acceptance. Being human we seek this from anyone that we feel that’s important at the time and place. Obviously that time and place changes so then the people we seek change. Deep down we all want people to like us or to feel accepted. Something bad that comes from this is that the things people say when someone isn’t around, isn’t usually positive. It goes into gossip( a earlier post). We want someone to like us by any means necessary. Talking about a friend can always go bad in so many ways. It always starts off by saying “Did you see what she was wearing?” and it can go as far as “Let’s be mean and throw things at her.” The good thing about being two-faced is that you always go back and tell the other person what was said. The bad thing is that eventually you get caught up. People start to noticed that you may hangout with the person they were talking about. Couple of things start to happen after this point. People start not trusting you. They start to shun you. They stop speaking, listening, believing you. Soon enough they start talking about you. The same two people who you we back and forth with can come together and you can be their new target. Honestly I don’t see the point of being two-faced. If you’re trying to find the type of person you are, you can do that without being fake. If you want to be accepted, you can be by being yourself. No one wants a friend who doesn’t have their own identity. It’s okay to have an opinion about some one but its best to keep it to yourself, or better yet TELL THE PERSON. If there’s a problem with someone, just let that person know so it can be resolved and this way your being up front and honest, not fake. Also if you’re with a group that is talking bad about someone you’re friends with you can stop it. Standing up for a friend is a good thing and it shows your worth. It’s reassuring to know that you have someone who will stand by you and no matter where they go that you can trust them. Being two-faced you can lose your friends, credibility, worth and most important yourself. Looking in the mirror you should see the person you are or want to become, not the person you wish you weren’t.


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