Disposal of ‘products.’


A continuation of Good Hygiene

Ladies, we all know what this is. It’s the container used to dispose of our feminine product properly. Its easy and simple to use, and yet most of us don’t use it. Why? And may I add, GROSS! I for one don’t like going into restrooms and seeing anything open and used on the floors, in the toilet, in other trash cans, or in other places that can be creative but still not lady like. I don’t understand why some girls do this because we all complain when we see it. It used to be that girls were clean and that our bathroom smelled better than the boys. Now our restroom are horrible. The only problem guys have is the pee, they have trouble aiming. With girls it’s the pee, it’s the poop, it’s the blood, its vomit. It’s becoming a social sigma that we aren’t clean. I spoke about making sure you smell good and are clean in a previous post. It’s not only that, we have to start disposing of things the correct way. I know that some older women might have medical problems that may cause them to miss the toilet, but that’s no reason not to flush. After every rest stop make sure you flush, we all have to flush what we left in the toilet or someone else will see that. You don’t want to be that someone else so be considerate. When it come to tampons, pads, panty liners, and other things make sure you throw them away in this bin you see here, or if they provide another type of bin use that. On each product you purchase there are instructions on how to dispose of them. Throwing them in the toilet can clog the toilet and everything can over flow while you’re still in there. That’s one of the most embarrassing things that can happen if you don’t dispose of them correctly. If you’re afraid of the sound it makes, like most young girls are, remember we are all women here. We all have to change them and we all are going to make sounds. Trust me no one is worrying that you changing yourself, believe it or not that’s a good thing. Showing that you are taking care of yourself is something to be proud of because we see that you take good care of yourself. At first it may seem silly but after a while you might not even notice the sounds of yourself changing. As long as the guys don’t know your fine. It’s a natural part of your system that must be handle properly. Overall ladies, lets start keeping our restroom neat. The guys should not be beating us in this field, we are women and we can do anything, better. I would like to give a shout out to our industrial engineer for telling me his thoughts and feeling with working with restrooms, Don Chatman.


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