We all know them. We all been called one before. We all called someone else one before. Its hurts, its rude, its cruel, and yet we all seem to fall back in. From the beginning of time stereotypes were made. Everyone had their own misconstrued conceptions of other people and their nationalities. Anything can be judged from the color of your skin to the color of your hair. The way you speak, and the things you eat. Every race and nationality has their own stereotype whether you believe it or not. Even though we are all guilty of this we can’t help but continue to do it. I’m not saying this is a good thing, because it’s not. We are raising our children to believe these ideas that are made up. Just because a few people from a certain culture did something doesn’t mean that the whole race does the same. Each person is different and has their own beliefs and practices. Too many countries they view Americans as fat, or blonde and blue eyes. America is one of the most diverse places on this planet. No one looks alike and that’s why we are called the melting pot. No one is superior in anything because we are all the same. We all have the same capacity to learn and develop. Have you ever heard the saying, “Don’t knock it till you try it?” Well how bout it? If you tried putting yourself in someone else’s shoes for once you’d understand their pain more. Certain things throughout history that happened to certain people came about because people were stereotyped to be something they’re not. Other situations that occur today like the social stigma of high school students is enough to make anyone cry. As shown in the photo above, there are many things that can be said about a person simply by their appearance. Some worse than other but still seems silly. Just because someone looks a certain way doesn’t mean that they are a certain way. That also goes into how you carry yourself. You can be the most popular girl in school, but have one-off day and your labeled forever. Wearing certain things that say something else that’s not you, then you probably shouldn’t wear them. Also remember wearing things don’t make you that thing, it make you look like it but doesn’t make you it. Being yourself is the best bet. That way if someone stereotypes you to being something, then that will be you. If you get straight A’s then get those grades proudly, and be that nerd. If your that bigger person, then be that person proudly. Sometimes it helps when you laugh at yourself. When people start to realize you’re comfortable being yourself then they can’t make fun or stereotype. Sad to say this will never end no matter how much people protest against it because it’s not only the younger generations , it’s the corporations and ‘the man’ who make up most of these stereotypes. I can’t say much but I can say if people are going to talk, give them something to talk about. It’s on you whether to make it good, or bad.

I Love what I do, and that’s talk about problems I see in the world. If you want to start just click this link for more :



18 thoughts on “Stereotypes

  1. Who are on the photo ? Are they in a high school ? In which country ? Thank you it is very interessting and I totally agree with you !!!! 😉
    Please, answer quickly, thanks ;*

    1. Hi Carla, this image is from an art project that was done by a student in my college – called Selby College in Northern England 🙂

  2. If you are a teenage mother, you’ve had sex at a young age, which is irresponcible. And underage drinkers are irresponsible because, well, they’re fucking themselves up and they don’t care.

    1. one may be drinking underage but one can be responsible do not just base your facts on simple truths. No matter who one is everyone is different it is the same as one is drinking but can one be responsible doing it? and the answer is yes. I get it there are ages that should not drink but there are some not all people that are teenagers that are underage drinking. Thing is why do you care? it is their life why butt in?

  3. I’m gonna do this in order:

    Who the fuck stereotypes like that? Who hasn’t known for the past 20 years that anyone who says that is an obvious dick?

    Nobody says this, either.

    This is just a joke made by some people on the dark side of the internet.

    Just… please…

    Not an obvious no for some idiots, but still.

    Also not an obvious no for some idiots, but most of society gets it.

    Who even talks about this?

    I don’t see why you would be mad about that.

    Nobody thinks that.

    Are you fucking with me?

    So do I and I’m happy with my life.



    Pretty much. Welcome to this corrupt world that we’re stuck to for at least some centuries, when we’ll all be dead.

    What is this, 1985?

    If you weren’t raped, then most likely.

    Are you implying that there are no people who think that teen virgins are easy and teen moms are whores? What the fuck?


    Hand me my gun.

    There’s only that one fat kid in school that thinks that.

    Well, I can agree with this. So many people think that blondes are stupid.

    I’m a cellist, and this would make me a show-off?

    I wanna die.

    This is just a Reddit and 4Chan joke.


    Are you under 21? Then probably.

    Diehard 70s fan?

    You’re gonna be one day, so you should stop.

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  5. hi i am a student in mesa AZ and i was wondering if someone can help me on my new report stereotypes i am in 6th grade plz no inappropriate stuff plz!

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