First Impression


We’ve all been there before. Meeting new people, trying to get them to know you in a good way. Trying to make a great first impression seems to be difficult for most of us, but for others its pretty simple. It’s really not that scary whether its meeting with an employer, your boyfriend/girlfriends parents, someone you were referred to, or meeting a casual stranger. Believe it or not we are all the same people. Other with higher rankings and that some people can be beneficial to us in ways, and others that don’t mean anything at all. Even if you don’t seem to interested its always good to make a good first impression. Some tips on making these first impressions are helpful and should be common knowledge, but honestly we all weren’t raised the same so we all don’t think the same or even know the same people. Its important to always be yourself. I don’t mean to act like you would at home, I mean to be an individual, unique or different. This can set you apart for the others who are all trying to fit in. Fitting in is good, but when you lose yourself in everyone else, you become a nobody and soon people will forget about you. You should also pay attention to how you dress. Presenting yourself appropriately says a lot and it catches the eye. Being positive and having a winning smile can help. This is important because it shows people that you’re open and confident. Confidence is a great thing to have no matter who you’re meeting because it shows. People don’t really like people who are shy and timid, because that comes off ass arrogance. One thing with confidence, be at ease. You can seem at times cocky, so be courteous and attentive to how the person is responding and this lets them know that it’s not all about you. Another good point to remember is not to speak so much. When we’re nervous we tend to do things we normally don’t do, so listen before you speak. You can get confused really fast if you don’t take the time to listen and observe. Trust me, no one likes a blabber mouth. But they do like to converse. Small talk goes a long way with anyone. It shows that you can keep something going and that you’re not a boring person. It’s not just the speaking part, people observe body language. Hand gestures, facial expressions, sitting, standing, handshake I could go on. These are ways you can give good impression without having to say a word. All in all I pretty much said things you should already know. Having that great first impression makes people think positively of you and make them like you. Having a horrible first impression and your chances of staying in that person life’s are few to many. But luckily we are human and we make mistakes. Most time you can get another chance at a first impression, but trust me, that first impression story will live to tell its own tale. To be honest it’s all about trusting yourself. You know you better than anyone else, so use that to your advantage. Also one last thing, be punctual. No one likes to be kept waiting. Being one time for anything shows that you can get things done and be ready on time.


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