Its back to school time!!


It’s that time of year again, back to school! Some of us are happier than others but school is essential. I know it sounds redundant but it really does prepare us for life. The career and learning aspects applies to all individuals but the outcome is different. Not everyone in your class will go on to bigger and better career options. Those may require them to learn more difficult subjects. Hate to say it but sometimes some student just go to work in field type jobs, such as McDonald’s or jobs that require little to no knowledge. that’s usually determined in high school. It’s on each individual student if they are actually going to retain what they learn or disregard it all because, like they say, “Where will I ever use this in my life.” I can’t speak for every one but I know I’m trying to become a Pediatrician so I have to know all the math’s and sciences. The great thing about school is that no matter how old you are you can go back and start over. Just remember that the older you get, the harder school becomes so try to obtain your degrees now! Back in the day, jobs used to hire high school diplomas or higher but now a days you may need you bachelors or even your masters just to make your mark in the corporate world. The careers that pay the most require bachelor degrees or higher. For a complete list of careers and how much you’ll get paid click here.
The other side to school is the social part, and that can make and break people. No matter if you’re in elementary, middle, or high school and sometimes in college, students can be bullied, there are stereotypes, there will be gangs or cliques, parties, sex, violence, drugs, alcohol, the list can continue. Honestly it will always be hard to stand against peer pressure, especially when we’re used to it. When starting the school year, set goals and to return to them frequently to see if you’re on the right path. Its better not to conform to society and play roles that seem easy. It’s best to be an individual, and do you. Being yourself is the most scary part because we all have the need to be accepted. it’s best to be yourself because people love honesty more than anything. Plus you gain more respect when you take this route. It’s important to stand for something, if you don’t you’ll fall for everything.
Lets talk back to school gear! We all need supplies like pens and pencils, you already know. Lets talk clothes! Your first day outfit sets the tone for you in some strange way. Even though we don’t know how, its true. Everyone will dress their best, and show off their individual styles. Having your own style is awesome because you can switch it up be changing certain pieces. It’s important to remember that clothes aren’t what school is for. If you’re going to be a fashion designer it helps and shows other you’re good at what you do but other than that it’s not need to overly dress everyday. It can be very distracting to others and you focus should be on your grades.

Shout out to Kendra Sopshire for the help on this post!


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