“I love my body!”

‘Average’ ‘Fat’ “Athletic’ ‘Buff’ ‘Boteroesque’ ‘Kate Moss’ ‘Petite’ ‘Pear-shaped’ ‘Hourglass’ ‘Sex Toy’ ‘Pudgy’

“It’s my body, I can’t do what I want!” all shapes and size, we are women and we are beautiful. the media makes us think that skinny is better, but our grandparents stuff us till we pop. who’s right? who’ wrong? truth be told, you are your own person. you have a body and its up to you to know what makes you look good. no set size is perfect. some people look better fat than skinny and others look better skinny than fat. a few that can do what ever and still look good, but no one has it easy. as women we need to love our bodies. it’s not so much whats on the outside but whats inside. if your healthy from the inside out it shows. no matter what size you are, if you’re healthy then your good. stop focusing on what others are saying. our self imagine is what defines us, so show yours proudly with your head held high. there’s nothing more beautiful and sexy than a woman that’s comfortable in her own skin. it’s a turn on to guys when you love yourself. every girl is seeking to have the perfect hourglass figure and it is obtainable. what we need to understand is that we don’t need to starve ourselves to try to look like someone else. we also don’t have to stuff our faces to gain weight to feel accepted.


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