twerking addiction

Ladies!? Please!! What’s with all this twerking mess? We took an activity and made it a common day thing. Its fun to dance when in the clubs or at parties. It’s okay to go wild when your drunk. But this is going to far. Everywhere you look now a days, you see a girl twerking. It could be the most random place. Walking around campus the other day, and out of no where this girl bends over and starts twerking, a pole. A pole! I’m trying to get to class and she twerking. The other day at a festival, the have music playing. As soon as they played a certain song with a good beat, girls started twerking. They weren’t dancing with anybody. They just started twerking anything that was there. The bench, the wall, more poles, the trees. It seem to be a real addiction. I understand people may want to practice for the clubs but can’t you practice in the privacy of your house, so no one has to see you? The video above is to illustrate how dumb it looks to twerk all the time and everywhere. I’m not down grading anyone or the dance but come on ladies. We aren’t making ourselves look classy in any way. Now we have girls posting on websites so you can watch. Some of these videos are informative and have professional dancers showing you how to do the dance. The other videos are girls half-naked in a thong or really tight see through leggings or something in that manner, shaking their butts simply just for guys or girls to like and comment. So people have dance battles to see who’s best. Honestly you can dance in shorts or pants, you don’t have to be half-naked. Its fun when your with your girls but when it goes on the internet, it can ruin your credibility if your career isn’t dancing. Employers Google us, and finding things like that on the internet can be the difference between you getting a job or not. Be mindful of the videos you post because they can never be completely deleted. someone somewhere can easily copy the video and they have it forever.


Any thoughts? Leave comment!

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