sex education

sex-education-facebooklets all be real, we have heard about sex before, know what it does, and what its made for. for those who don’t sex is vaginal intercourse that reaches a climax to which at that point a certain fluid comes out and can cause the female to get pregnant and have a baby. this has always been a touchy topic because how it makes us feel. sex is a natural human behavior but it had a purpose and its purpose is to create more humans. that’s the number one reason for sex. no one can say you didn’t think you would get pregnant because that’s what should happen naturally. it’s also hard to speak about because some of us are just kids. that’s no excuse. as young as 8-years-old a girl can start her period, her body is physically ready to have a baby, not saying she should. having an innocent is good but its important for kids to know so they can protect themselves. it’s often that kids around age 11 are introduced to sensations and feeling they never had before so they might explore. I know a few girls at the age of 12 that have kids of their own. they didn’t understand the feelings so they didn’t make a smart decision. especially when they think their in love, we can do silly things, but sex isn’t something to joke around with. you have the power to create another precious life that can be a great contributor to society. it’s a scary feeling so why not wait till your ready. its more typical to wait till marriage so you have a foundation help and support of a partner but that’s not what occurs in today’s world. if its your choice to have unprotected sex, know the consequences. you can get pregnant, you can get a disease or illness, or you can walk away scot-free. you can end up with one or a combination of all three. another thing you should know is that condoms are only 97% protective most of the time. the 3% error is huge. the 1% is from having a condom in hot temperatures and the rubber melts and it breaks easier. the other 1% is from having the condom in cold temperatures and the liquid inside freezes up and like ice crystals can be sharp and tear holes in it. the last 1% is if the condom is old, its strength has diminished and can break easily. all guys should know this but they don’t, spread the word. with girls if your on birth control its important to know that if you forget to take a pill or shot or switch patch or what ever your method, if you don’t remember to keep it up you can still get pregnant. only way to fully protect yourself is to not have sex. sex isn’t what everyone thinks it is. the best thing is love. having a true connection with someone, it’s not sex anymore. it become making-love, and I don’t mean to sound corny but its worth the wait for guys and girls. never have sex with someone who’s pressuring you and calms that they love you. if they love you then they can wait for you. being virgin is a great thing, don’t make no one make you feeling that it’s a stupid thing. most people regret their first time. don’t be one of those people. hold on to it as long as possible until you find someone worthy of earning it. its true what Trey Songz says “sex ain’t better than love.”


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