Making Memories for the Holidays


Its that time of year again and we are all so busy with stuff to do. But I challenge you, make some memories.

Its Christmas, and we sometimes forget that Christmas isn’t really about the presents. Its about our savior Jesus Christ being born. He truly gave us the greatest gift of all, and that love. In the world we live in today we need more love and less hate. Love isn’t expensive, in fact its free, so why not give it. Show some ARK (acts of random kindness) to some family, friends, or even a complete stranger.

A lady in Walmart’s Subway out of no where bought my little sister and I some cookies. She walked over to us, gave us the cookies and said, “Merry Christmas” and walked away.

It doesn’t have to be cookies but that’s a memory I will always remember and cherish even though I don’t know that lady. Moments like that make life better and greater. We could all give a little something and make someones day. Surprises are the greatest memories you can give because they are off the top. Taking pictures of moments are also a good way to remember things, but don’t let the picture be what you remember. Instead of focusing all you time and energy on taking the best picture possible to post, actually enjoy what you’re doing.

You could also remember people. The memories you once shared are perfect! Even if that person is gone, that memory will always be with you, and that’s a gift you can’t wrap. So there’s your challenge, make memories!


Any thoughts? Leave comment!

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