Summer Time Fine!


Hey, I’ve been gone but no better time to be back! Its summer! Being that it is summer, its time for some relaxing, but not everyday. For all you working people out there, keep it up! If you’re in summer classes, that’s awesome!! But that doesn’t mean you can’t look your very best for the summer. Since summer is an escape we should plan an escape for our bodies. Our bodies are the core, our foundation, we have to keep them healthy and going. For the rest of the summer, I’m challenging everyone. Let’s all take care of our bodies. Lets face after the summer is over, it’s all down hill with candy and holiday food. Let’s get started!

1. Drink Water! we need water everyday, all the time. water helps our skin and organs function right. hydrated skin is the healthy skin. you get less breakouts and you have more energy. a tip I learned was to put a water based fruit in your water bottle like cucumbers, grapes or melon. it can add a little sweet to the water and it packs a punch of hydration.

2. Keep Exercising! I know most of use probably exercise only to look good for the summer and then stop when we reach our goal, but the truth is we are getting old. our habits that we have today will determine our bodies in the future. exercising is a great way to keep your bodies in shape and active. a simple jog around the block, or jumping rope.

3. Get a much Sleep as possible. with the increased sun exposure and running around, we tend to forget that we need sleep. we are he and there all the time, and when the sun goes down we don’t want to stop. if it’s a weekly thing, this can be horrible for your health and age you rapidly. going to party once in a while can be fun but all the time? um no! when your young we want to do young things, but we tend to overdo it and age ourselves. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to look 30 at 22.

4. Eat Healthy. there are a lot of good food options out there but not all of them are in budget for everyday consumption. but there is a way to eat healthy. the food you buy on the go you can make at home and never have to waste money buying them. a simple salad, just buy the ingredients. now you have a salad for a week for the same price you would have bought it for that one day from a fast food place. fruits and nuts are also yummy and healthy. get some meat also, we need protein and no better way to get it than from protein itself. eating right doesn’t have to be hard, it can actually be delicious.

5. Relax! its summer and that means a moment of some of our worries are gone. finding time to just relax get help with stress. stress is one of the worse possible things that can happen to a person. it ages you, makes you sick, gives you even more problem just thinking about it. let it go! yoga, alone time, a do nothing day, time with good friends or family, your favorite activity can help release stress take time to escape.


Any thoughts? Leave comment!

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