Communication is Key



Just like you read up above, communication can make or break any relationship. Ladies its time we speak about what the problem is. With any relationship, whether the one’s with family or friends, communication has to be there. A lot of things can get blown out of proportion just because someone was too stubborn to talk about it. One of the best keys to communication is honesty. You have to be honest with yourself and the person your speaking to. they should know how you feel and you should make sure they don’t get a chance to say, “you never told me.” Once you speak how you feel the person should be able to come up with a way to make both parties happy. If they ignore the situation then you know there is a communication problem. Most of the time when there is a problem it’s because someone is scared or they don’t feel the need to continue that relationship. Trust me ladies, if a man wanted you, he would do all in his power to make sure you are happy, but you MUST tell him! Don’t expect him to read your mind. No one, I repeat no one can read someone else mind. In order for it to work both parties must say whats bothering them and both figure a way to fix it. Also don’t let others speak for you. You aren’t sure what other people will say about you or your character. Be your own mouth and speak up. I’ve learned personally that my friends weren’t my friends. A little story:

My boyfriend and I would go out with a group of friends often, and every time after I noticed he would act different. He would flirt with girls and made a point to tell me he was doing so. I was going to break up with him, but after I had a conversation with a mutual friend I found out the real reason he was acting like that. This person told me that a friend of ours would go back every night and tell him that she saw me flirting with other guys and getting numbers. Now obviously there is a communication problem. 1. I wasn’t flirting, we were at a basketball game and the guy simply said one of the players was bald and was too old to be on the college team and i laughed. Not flirting. 2. My boyfriend instead of coming to me about this problem he thought to get even and make me mad because he was mad. 3. This friend was a girl and I didn’t know it at the time but she had a crush on my boyfriend and she was trying to break us up. So after I was aware of this I went to speak with my boyfriend and turns out I was right. Our ‘friend’ was telling him about me flirting and he wanted me to stop but didn’t know how to tell me so he did it back so I would know how he felt. After that we both agreed that if any one tells us a story about one another we would come straight to each other and talk about it to make sure what was said was true. This really happened and we almost did break up, just because some one was jealous. I’m glad we didn’t, it’s going to be three wonderful year we’ve been dating and I couldn’t be happier. We pride ourselves on our communication skills. No matter what it is we speak up. Don’t get me wrong he still gets me upset now and again, and I’m no walk in the park but we talk things through and work the problems out, and they don’t re-occur.


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