Is this the new trend?


It’s no question that the current generation that we are raising is very acquainted with trends. However, trends are nothing new. Growing up, and even in an old age people are usually accustomed to following the latest fashion, using the new “hip” words, watching the most popular shows at the time, or even learning the newest dance. Trends are safe to say, what makes the decade.

Being a part of a social media site has been a throbbing sensation since the early 2000’s. However, lately social media has everything but constructive for our youth. The latest trend that has flooded the timelines of Facebook and Instagram are “Challenges.” One completes the challenge, and posts a video of them doing so for proof and mere entertainment. There have been simple interesting challenges such as the “Cinnamon Challenge.” With this challenge, one simply tries to swallow a teaspoon worth of cinnamon. (Definitely harder than it seems, and one my friends and I did.)  Another that contributes more to society, “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge .” Participants must dump a bucket (or more) of ICE COLD water on their bare (or close to it) body will doing push-ups or donate $100 to a charity.

The newest “sensational” trend of a challenge, and the dumbest, is the “Fire Challenge.”The Fire Challenge requires the partaker to pour rubbing alcohol on themselves and then go ahead to light themselves on fire while standing in the shower. Yes, you read that correctly. There are teens that are willing to light themselves on fire for the entertainment of their peers on a social network. Another is called the “Pass out Challenge.” This is where teens actually make themselves pass out to reach some ridiculous high. One thing I hope they know is that you can die from this challenge.  So, what does this say about society? How have we allowed our youth to become so obsessed with the idea of being socially acceptable?

Trends were once safe, but now they seem to be helping the deterioration of our society. With the trends we have now, the thought process of the individual is being erased. Self-Esteem, morals, and good decision-making are all things that were once taught in the home and at school. In the world now, people thrive off of the number of “likes” they can receive from a Selfie, a long thought-provoking post, or a video of a challenge.

Let’s start a new challenge. I challenge social media users to stop allowing this mess to come through their feed. Tell those who share or post ill messages such as these outrageous challenges that they simply are not acceptable any longer. We do not want to raise a generation that is so easily persuaded in exchange for a bit of time in the spotlight. Let’s try the “Honor Roll Challenge.” We need to raise children that will grow up to be strong leaders; people who will start their own trend for a cause. Big Shout Out to Leah Martin!!!! She Wrote Mostly this entire post and did an amazing job!! I couldn’t have said it any better myself.


Any thoughts? Leave comment!

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