Be Single


I had a great single life before hand and after. I enjoyed my time alone, and it was a blast! I wasn’t stressing or jealous of my friends who had boyfriends. I was happy for them but I was glad I was single. Now I did get offers I just wasn’t looking for anything serious, and when I did say yes to a guy it didn’t last long. A few days, weeks or months and I was done. Mostly because most of those guys were jerks and treated me like a piece of meat. Mainly because I wasn’t happy. In any relationship you should be happy, it shouldn’t feel like a job, even though relationships are full-time. I realized early that in order for me to be happy I must be happy by myself before I can be happy with some one else.  I never really put it to words before but that’s how I always felt. You can’t make a relationship your whole life. You cant expect to be happy with someone if you don’t learn to be happy by yourself. When single, it’s the perfect time to find yourself. To discover new things, and know what you like, what you want, what you want to do, etc. Become your own person! I hate seeing girls post all this stuff about wanting a bae, or boo, being lonely at night. Good! Be lonely you shouldn’t be with anyone any way besides your husband. We are young girls, why are we trying so hard to grow up? Enjoy your time, you’ll have someone someday but that day isn’t today, and it’s not going to be for a while. If you are complaining about being single and wanting someone to cuddle with, you not ready. Your not ready for a REAL commitment, a REAL relationship. Only thing you are doing is begging a guy to hold you down, hold you back, make you feel worthless, tease him until you give in, have sex and have his baby. I’m sorry but I’m no bodies baby mama, that’s not cute. Plus I have no time for that. I’m to selfish right now because I want a lot of things, and I don’t like sharing or spending money on nobody. To all the young moms out there, don’t lose faith. Its hard but God will make a way, your babies are a blessing. But all in all, please ladies, enjoy the single life! Do what you want and don’t answer to nobody. Be free, Be independent. A tip to find a good guy, make your heart so far into God, to make any guy that seeks you must seek him. Don’t worry about these guys, there are plenty out there. Worry about yourself. You can lose a guy, you can always find more. But what if you lose yourself? Who’s going to find you?


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