If they want to leave, let them.


It’s probably the hardest thing in the world when someone you care so much about decides to walk out your life. It’s like they ripped out your heart. Your standing there in shock because in your mind you couldn’t imagine life without them. As you stand there trying to understand why, you can’t help but cry. This has happened at least once to everyone. For me, it has happen with most of the men in my life. They left because of some other girl. Our fathers, brothers, ex’s, they tend to leave when things get hard. Ours mothers, sisters and friend can leave too, but its less common but hurts worse. The pain, fear, sadness, depression, and physical feeling you get when someone leave is a lot, and makes you feel like less of a person. One thing we must all remember when someone leave us, ‘Its not my fault, I’ll be ok.’ I  know I’ll be ok, I know I’m still loved by someone much more greater and powerful, God. If you have God’s grace don’t let others control your emotions. What they do is nothing compared to what God can do. He will bring you out of anything possible. When I think about the people who hurt me, I think of how much God loves me. He knows whats good for us, we may not understand it now but we will.

When they leave, let them leave. You are a wonderful person and deserve someone who’s willing to fight for you. You don’t need someone who will give up just because things got hard. Life isn’t easy and will have ups and downs, but don’t hold on to someone who wont hold on to you. We all deserve someone to love us, but if they don’t love you let them go. Don’t try to force someone to be with you and don’t things its OK. The relationship ended when you wouldn’t let go. The person who wanted to leave has already left mentally, your just dealing with an empty body if you make them stay. I can’t explain enough how hard writing this was for me, because its hard to let go. I’ve had to let go and there’s nothing I could about it. If they don’t love you enough to stay, let them leave. You have hope in front of you.


I Love what I do, and that’s talk about problems I see in the world. If you want to start just click this link for more : http://bst.is/MtV3W8


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