Class is in Session


For many college students, class has already begun. For any grade below, some have started; some are just about to start. It’s a new school year and we all do the same thing, set goals and hope we complete them. What’s sad is that most of us don’t stick to them. They’re like New Year resolutions, everyone makes them but hardly anyone keeps them. Do you want to know why we don’t finish them? We lack focus, we lack a purpose, and we lack faith.

Today’s society looks forward to partying more, and seeing friends more than getting good grades and succeeding. We live in a world where people live up to stereotypes and think nothing of it. We let others tell us who we are, what we are capable of and our worth. A lot of us think it’s because of where we came from that makes us the person we are. We blame it on our family and friends; we think that they made us this way. It’s not where you come from; it’s where you’re going. We’ve become so complacent with ourselves we forget that we deserve more. We knock ourselves down while building others us and making them feel that they have power.

We need an education! That’s the only way we can get ahead in this lifetime. When you have a good education, anything someone tries to feed you, you won’t fall for it. You’ll have enough sense to know the difference between right and wrong. Education gives you problem-solving skills. It shows you that no one can pull the wool over your eyes. It gives you an advantage. For many minority groups, especially the blacks, they weren’t always giving tools to succeed. The slave owners knew that if they gave the blacks education someone would become wise and stand up. They knew by restricting them from and education, or even the basics of reading and writing, they could control them. Luckily those slaves figured out they needed an education and found ways to receive it. Our country has changed so much in a few short years because people saw a problem. The problem is still exists, we need the upcoming generation to do like the slaves did, educate themselves for this time era and try to fix some problems. Being the light in the dark isn’t the easiest thing but it’s much more satisfying. If it was easy everyone would be doing it. Remember anything worth having is worth working for.


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