Light skin, Dark skin.


Can I just say one thing? STOP! I can’t believe that its 2014 and we went from being consider as dogs by other races to hating one another in our own race. Why are we separating ourselves form each other? Why are we categorizing ourselves? Last time I checked, on any piece of document when they ask you your race, there isn’t a box for light skin and a box for dark skin. The government and society who aren’t black sees our race as one color, and that’s black. It doesn’t matter to them whether your skin is darker or lighter, to them we are black. WE ARE BLACK!!! How many time must someone say it before we all start to believe it. After all the struggles our race had to go through for so many years, we want to bring it all back, but now its self-inflicted. Last I check we all poop, and it stinks, your skin color don’t make it smell better or worse. This #TeamLightSkin #TeamDarkSkin war has gone on to long. My black is beautiful! its time we unit and stop dividing and separating ourselves. As a community we are already targeted as trouble some and made out to be the worse. Lets change that. we can change that! We don’t need to these battles between light and dark. We don’t need to fight each other. We need an education so we can rise above all the stereotypes. We can become a power race. Our skin doesn’t define us. Where we come from doesn’t define us. What we make of ourselves does define us. We all have a brain, we all have a mouth, eyes, nose, ears, senses! Let’s start using them. The light and dark just shows how stupid we can become when we discriminate our own. We made it easy for the government with this pointless battle. Let’s make a change and show everyone we are a force to be reckoned with.


Any thoughts? Leave comment!

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