Girl Code

What is girl code? Is it that we stick to our friends, stand up for them, and even fight for them? Is it telling them something when it’s hard because no one else will? Well it is but its soo much more. We like to say that we will always have our girls back no matter what but do we really? When it comes down to it, will we be the ones to hurt our best friends’ feelings, or are we scared to? Most of the time we don’t realize how hard it is to be a best friend or a friend at all. It’s time for a wake up call ladies! If you can’t be honest don’t be a friend, simple. Let me put it this way; we are going out, a ladies night. We are about to leave the house, if I smell, tell me. If my hair looking a mess, tell me. If my makeup is messed up, tell me!!! I don’t understand, yea it’s going to hurt my feelings at that moment but I will thank you later. Being my friend means you can tell me anything, but it’s supposed to benefit me and help me. A true friend is supposed to help each other and be there for another. If you call yourself a friend and you can’t be honest when it comes down to it, you PHONY! Not going to lie, I was phony. I was scared to tell my friend she smelled, I wanted to for her to like me still and by me telling her I knew she was going to be upset. For years no one told her, and talked about her behind her back. I told our other friends to tell her but they wouldn’t, so one day I did. She was upset but she thanked me. Better it come from me than a boy she liked. I apologized to her because I was being phony, and I promised that I would never be phony again. Every friend had their own issue, and I told them. I didn’t put them on blast; I pulled them to the side and spoke to them. I also told my other friends who were afraid to do it that they were phony and fake. I told all my friends that if I’m slipping, tell me!! I’m not perfect and we all make mistakes now and again. Some days I forget to wear deodorant. If I’m musty and you’re my friend you better tell me. It’s time to stop being phony ladies. Its girl code. Being a friend means being honest, and the truth sometimes hurts. If you have a fat friend, don’t lie and say she looks good in skinny jeans, she doesn’t. If you have a skinny friend with no butt, don’t lie and tell her to wear booty shorts out in public, she has no butt, they will make fun of her. Let’s stop being phony and let’s be friends.


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