Did you Have to post that?


Once you post on Facebook, it’s EVERYONE’S business. This is an honest question. Why do you post things on Facebook but when people reply or answer it you get mad and want everyone to leave you alone? To me I wouldn’t post it at all. People will leave you alone just for the simple fact that you’re being antisocial. But come one, do you like to see people post their problems? If not, why do you post your own? Needless to say Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. are social media sites that hundreds and thousands of people go on every day. It’s about as public as you can get. Less people in fact would know less about your business if you went outside and started yelling your problems. I’m not sure what it is, and honestly we all do it or did it at least once. To me it was a way for people to feel sorry for me, and for them to comfort me. I was being needy and didn’t know how to deal with the situation I was going through at the time. From that I feel as though we all want at times to feel like others care about us and our lives. It’s a cry for help in most cases. We want attention and instead of talking to a close friend or family member we post it for the world to see. We all think that videos are the only things that can go viral, and we have to be careful because it won’t ever leave, well posts are the same. With the re-tweeting, screenshots, re-posts, and more, what someone says goes viral. Once it’s up it won’t come down. Especially if someone reads it, it most defiantly started some form of gossip whether it is good or bad. We all have freedom of speech but does everything have to be posted, or can it remain to you? If you feel the need to vent I suggest a diary. Estone Classic Retro Vintage Leather Bound Blank Pages Journal Diary Notepad Notebook (Coffee)



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