Boys or Men?


It’s apparent what type of guys you like, but do you know what type of guy you need? Having fun can be fun but it can also be detrimental. This brings up the old saying, ‘its all fun and games til someone gets hurt.’ Everyone has an inner player, and guys can play all day. If you want a guy to respect you get a respectful guy. If you want a guy to play you get a player. There are two types of guys in this world. There are men, and there are boys. How can you tell the difference? Here are some tips to look at:

  1. Boys want to do what they want, but don’t want to take responsibilities for what they did. Men own up to what they did and try to fix it.
  2. Other women who have bigger body parts easily distract boys. They feel the need to touch and do everything possible. Men sees other women’s bigger body parts, but know that size doesn’t matter. In this case all guys would look but men have self-control.
  3. Boys find it cute to have a main and a few sides. They don’t think their girl should ever do the same. Men know that one woman is enough and is satisfied.
  4. Boys will cheat and lie about it, cheat again and call you crazy. Men don’t cheat.
  5. Boys would buy you with money and material objects. Men would buy you with love, compassion, and support where you need it most. That could also be finances but he wouldn’t throw it in your face.
  6. Boys think it’s cute to sag, and to wear too big or too small-clothes. Men wear clothes that fit them.
  7. Boys would look at your insecurities and use them to manipulate you. Men will look at your insecurities and try to help you realize the beautiful queen you are.
  8. A boy lives day-to-day, and plans to party all the time. A man plans a future, career, and has goals, and keeps you in those future plans.
  9. A boy will avoid uncomfortable situations, like talking about personal things. A man will take the time to talk and explain. He lets you express yourself and is respectful.
  10. Boys will see a relationship not working the way he wants and bails. Men will see a problem, pray, discuss, ask questions, and find a way to fix the problem, and keep you happy.
  11. Boys love the things of the world. Men love God, and lives accordingly because they know God is love and without it they can’t love.
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