Connections are key!

Concept of teamwork and integration with businessman holding colorful puzzle

Let’s face it, connections are what make us. They are important to everyday society. Whether the connection is small or large we need to socialize with people. This is a whole subject in itself which sociology covers but I wanted to touch on using those connections to get ahead in life, meaning jobs, career, future goals, etc. We need to realize now that the connections we make can indeed define our futures. Prime example, when looking for a job, we have to make a good impression so they hire us. The chances of you getting a job are increased if the person knows you previously and on a good note. Some connections might come back to haunt you. That skinny little nerd that we pick on back in junior high is now a manager of a major company and you so happen to need a job from that company. Even though there are claims that people can’t be prejudice, the fact is people are, and you won’t get hired. This is a bad connection that no one ever thinks about because we were young and callous. Who would have thought the person that got made fun of would be the man in charge. Lucky there are many good connections you can make. I know it may seem ridiculous to you to make nice with our teachers and be a good student, but those same teachers could help you get a job one day. Apart of apply for a job is a thing called references. You need a reference that says something, who have experiences, and is not your mother; a creditable source that can vouch for your work ethic. There also another part to applications, letter of recommendations. Lots of colleges, graduate schools, and jobs require them. Again it can’t be your mother, you need a creditable source. To be honest a teacher or professor is the best way to go, unless you know someone inside the company. When having an inside person and you’re on great terms with them, everything is great, and you basically already have the job. The inside person will look over a few things, but will still follow protocol and in no time your hired. I can say from experience I have not ever had to worry about getting a job. Everywhere I went, no matter where it was I am kind to everyone. Not saying that’s easy but something’s don’t have to always be said. Every job I’ve got I did apply for, and then I realized I knew someone on the inside. A few examples, my first job was at McDonald’s and my brother already worked there, which if you don’t know you can’t work with family as a rule. My mom and one of the managers are good friends; needless to say I got the job despite that one bump. Another example I work on campus at my university as a student worker. At the time I was not work-study eligible, but I knew the manager and some other people on campus. Here I am today working in the library. I write this to help everyone see that when you meet people always show the best side of you. Don’t burn your britches with everyone just because they looked at you funny. Don’t be loud, mean, aggressive, and fight everything you may not agree with. Honestly sometimes it’s best not to say anything at all to others comments. Go and make good connections, you never know when someone will return the favor.


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