It’s about that time of year again where we dress up, and eat candy til our teeth fall out. We also for some reason like to scare ourselves insane and hang out with friends. Why not, its Halloween people!! Halloween is Friday, and are you prepared? If not, check out the following links for some good Halloween Costumes and Halloween Decorations. I really wanted to go as a minion but I was told by my family members that I was too old for trick-o-treating. So instead its haunted houses and passing out goodies to the little ones. Check your local new stations and see where and when trick-o-treating will be happening for you, and also to see where some of the best places to see haunted houses. Ladies, please don’t use this day as an excuse to be provocative. You don’t have to be sexy to look good. It’s going to be very cold so bring a coat if you’re planning on being half naked. Just a few things before we head out. Please be careful! Even though it’s a holiday most people find it amusing to try and hurt others on purpose.
Don’t be too friendly to strangers.
Don’t stuff your face with candy; make sure you check them first! There might be a sharp object in them, so check the little ones candy too!
Travel in groups, and be on guard.
Have a great Halloween everyone!



Any thoughts? Leave comment!

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