Weave? Tracks? Extensions?


Weave, extension, tracks, it really doesn’t matter what you call it because it’s all the same hair. I like my hair, but I also like to do things to my hair that might be damaging to it, or not take care of it. This is where weave comes into play for me. If I want to try a short-do, I’ll get a short hair style using weave to make sure it would look nice before even cutting of my own hair. Weave gives us the ability to try other hair styles without having to regret any consequences for our own natural hair. I say utilize this. Also for those whose hair can’t grow or your missing hair, there is no shame in that. Wigs are good too! I personally like human hair because it last longer than the synthetic or mixed, but you get what you pay for. Great Hair for Less. Also men couldn’t care less if your hair is fake. If he can’t tell it’s fake, he won’t care. When girls have really bad sew-ins, or you can see their tracks or their extensions, this is never a good look. That’s what men don’t like, in fact nobody likes that. Hair is beauty, no matter what type you have; it’s your own unique style. When experimenting please be mindful of a few things:
1. Color- make sure the hair you buy is the same color as your roots. Stay true to your color and no one can ever tell. The ends can be a different if you want.
2. Fullness- make sure it’s not too thin or not too thick. On one side you look bald and on the other you have a really big head.
3. Cleanness- keep your hair clean, treat it like your own and it will last a long time.
4. Confidence- be confident in your look. Don’t make the hair wear you, you should wear your hair.

I Love what I do, and that’s talk about problems I see in the world. If you want to start just click this link for more : http://bst.is/MtV3W8


Any thoughts? Leave comment!

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