It Does Matter what you look like!


Honesty time! Have you heard the saying, “you are what you eat”? Well in this case you are how you dress or act. At least that’s what people see and that’s the impression they get from you. So here’s the deal, if you don’t want someone to think you’re a hoe, don’t dress like one. I know a lot of girls are going to get offended by this but tough. If you wear the most revealing item, and demand respect, I’m sorry that won’t add up. You can’t run up to a guy in a cop’s uniform wanting him to help you, but turns out he’s just wearing the uniform because it was comfortable. I understand that there are women that have curvier figures and all props to you, but do you have to flaunt everywhere you go? You shouldn’t dress like a stripper in church, or going to a class. The super short shorts or skirts, the shirts with the deep cuts in the front or sleeveless, stomach out, back out, high heels (and you know what I mean by high). You are now looking like a hoe. These items send the wrong message. If you’re going to a club, do you, wear what you want. It’s a general rule of thumb, if you show your top, cover you bottom or if you show you bottom, cover your top.
This look ties in with how you carry yourself. When you’re sloppy or twerking everywhere but get mad when a guy comes up to you, shame. Obviously you are showing signs that you’re easy. You’re wearing a deep cut top, with the shorts cut offs, twerking to some song, and honestly no one will respect you. You are now acting like a hoe.
What makes this a triple threat is when you speak like a trucker. Most people find it hard to convey a message without using profanity, but being a lady you don’t have to speak that way. You can speak using words, and if you don’t know any words, look at the dictionary from time to time. When you speak nothing but negative things, rude, and profane words people will think less of you. But there is a time a place for everything. So basically if you do all these at once you aren’t a lady, at least no one will think that of you. You can’t get mad if someone says something to you about it. If you want it to stop, evaluate yourself, and make minor adjustments. People will still like you showing less cleavage.
So basically if people are thinking you’re a hoe, don’t get mad at them. You are probably doing something a hoe would do. When all else fails, forget them and be happy. Some people are really hard to please, especially those who like to find faults in everyone.


Any thoughts? Leave comment!

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