Is he the ‘One”?

he__s_the_one__he_must_be_by_just_ay-d4rskunSo there’s always the question of if he’s the one? Who really knows? But it shouldn’t be hard to tell. In fact it should be recognizable if you know what you want and how you should be treated. Also it’s only half of what you think. If he doesn’t feel the same, you just have to let him go. Also if it’s not in the plans of God, then it’s not going to work at all, just a great learning experience. But let’s talk about your part. Key things to look for in guys that are husband material:
1. Isn’t controlling. No potential should ever have that hold on you. When a guy is controlling, usually he’s abusive or might become abusive down the road. Also his controlling you is an obvious sign of insecurities, which we all have, but it’s not your fault. He needs to work on himself before even considering any type of future plans. If a guy is controlling you, get out or address the situation. If addressing it doesn’t help then leave, you are better than that and you don’t need a 2nd father.
2. Loves you flaws. As women, we aren’t perfect. We have so many flaws it’s funny because most of our flaws only we see. Our insecurities are a relationship killer. It’s the job of our potential to make us feel beautiful, or at least try. I know that even when my guy says I’m pretty, I find something to reject it instead of just saying thank you. Let your guy be sweet. If he isn’t then he needs to start. Most guys don’t care if you have stretch marks or fat in certain places. They love that stuff. If your just at home chilling with sweats and no makeup, that’s when he should love you the most. Honestly those days will happen more than the days you go out, so begin to be comfortable.
3. Gives you space. If he lets you do your own thing, meaning hang out with friends, go on trips without him and he’s there just waiting for you like a puppy, then he’s a keeper. Honestly you must learn how to be apart. In life you’re not always going to be next to you partner. In fact between kids, parents, work, friends, you might get a few good days when you’re together the whole day. In this world you can’t just be with the person 24/7 you must have your own life. One thing I tell my friends when they ask why isn’t he here, or why am I not with him, or why don’t you just live together before marriage? I say “it’s my life, he’s only a part of it.” It’s your life; it does not revolve around one guy. You must learn how to be you, so you can make us better.
4. Future plans. There’s no looking back in life, once you made a decision than it’s done. If he speaks about a life with you or some type of plans, then that’s a great thing. It means that he is imaging a world with you in it, and honestly that’s very flattering. If he isn’t doing that then he’s probably not ready, but if you’ve been together for more than 3 years and he’s still not talking future then he doesn’t see one and you’re wasting your time. Time is a precious thing, and you can’t get it back because tomorrow isn’t promised. Don’t waste your time on a guy that doesn’t see a future with you.
5. He makes you happy. Not too many people can actually cheer you up when you’re down. He says a joke and you feel all better. It’s good to have a guy to just be friends with. You can play games; you can be silly and have a great time. Some of the best moments are the ones where you don’t have to be intimate; you can chill and be stupid together. Making you happy should be his job and priority. If all a guy wants is sex or intimacy than he’s with you for the wrong reasons.


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