He Should Mind!

Sexy pole dancer

Okay I’m sure we’ve all heard the song, the one about how they guy not caring if you stripping for money. Well if he don’t mind, then he basically a BAN or boy. No self-respecting man would be okay with his lady stripping for money when he can more than provide. A man is someone who should and will take care of you so you don’t have to become any less than what your worth. If a guy tells you he doesn’t mind because you’re still coming home to him, then leave him. He’s more okay with the fact that you are making the sacrifices in the relationship. He okay with not being a man himself. Only boys would see a lady struggling and encourage her to be a stripper. That’s not a respectful profession, and if you are a stripper don’t do it to please no boy because they aren’t worth it. If it was okay to be a stripper then more people would be in the industry. What it means to be a man has seriously took a change for the worse. Honestly you can’t really change a grown man but you don’t have to deal with him. If a guy is making you do all the work, making you degrade and demean yourself then he has already lost all respect for you. The only person that should see your unmentionables is your Man/ Husband. Ladies if he don’t mind then don’t bother with him.


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