It’s okay, you can have other friends.


We all have friends, they’re apart of our everyday lives. It’s ok to have other friends outside your relationships. It’s also okay to have more than one best friend. Honestly I may only have one best friend and can admit that I do get jealous when she spends her time with her other friends. I can also admit that at times I don’t like when my boyfriend hangs with his friends. We all have those moments, some more often than others. Now I don’t get upset every day at them, more like once a month, if that because I spend time with my other friends too. Of my friends I can only say I have like 5 that I really cherish, and that I actually care for. Outside of them, I have a bunch of acquaintances. It’s a hit or miss whether or not I hang out with them or even continue communicating with them. Moral of the story, it’s okay to have other friends. Don’t let anyone tell you that you need to spend all of your time with them, because you don’t. It’s very unhealthy to be with the same person 24/7. Not even married couples do that. Most of their days consist of work or family issues. It’s important to spend time away from your bf and gf. It’s important you still grow as an individual and keep doing the things you do and the things that you like. Sometimes it’s good to be alone. We miss ourselves sometimes, and we don’t take a long enough time to stop and look at what has changed. We should all have other friends; they are what make life exciting. That also includes friends of the opposite sex. I’m not saying you as a girl should be in a room with a guy by yourselves if you have a boyfriend, I’m saying you could go to a public place where its harmless and there’s no awkwardness. It is possible just to be friend with someone of the opposite sex, just be sure of what a friend should be. If that friend tries to go to the bases, then they obviously don’t want to be just friends.


Any thoughts? Leave comment!

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