Dear Me…


So a friend of mine gave me this. These are letters that you write. Now you don’t necessarily have to give them away to the individuals, but its a good keep sake. I started writing these on my Facebook wall and I started getting choked up. It was hard because you’re actually opening up yourself. It’s a good way to vent and its a good place to mark, a few years down the line. I think it would be fun to one day look back at this and see if I actually accomplished the things I wrote. It’s funny because in school, K-12, the teachers would make us write out end of the year goals. We would write them on the first day of school, then read them on the last day of school. It weird how we forget the things we wanted to do. It’s even weirder that we change our plans as time goes on. I want to challenge a few people, to actually do this, and tell me how you felt. You can leave a comment or email me.


Any thoughts? Leave comment!

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