Your young, have Fun!


I can’t stress this enough. I know most of us are in a rush to grow up and start acting like adults, but there’s no rush. The day you’re an adult will come. And when I say adult I mean, you own your own house, take care of yourself, pay bills, car, all that shabang. Until then, have fun! We are only young once, and should have any regrets. When I say go have fun I don’t mean go be stupid. Obviously stay away from drugs and killing yourself, but go on adventures and try new things. Your young now and you have the energy now. When you’re old, it will hit you, because you can’t keep up or people start looking at you weird. Your relationships should be fun, not a burden. No one should keep you from having your fun. If you have a partner that loves to have fun then great! Life is honestly too short to always worry about only surviving. Most people just survive, I want to live. You should know the difference. Surviving is still good though, because you can’t only live for one day. If you only live for one day then you’re kind of screwed. No one knows when their time is up because tomorrow isn’t promised. We also don’t know what tomorrow may hold, so we can’t live for one day. You should have fun but also have a future plan in mind.  

Life is too short, have fun, live, love, and be safe. Start living more than surviving. We live in horrible world where bad things happen always. Truthfully, if the things outside don’t kill you, the things inside will. Either way we all die someday, we can’t escape that. If there are any fun things to do while young, let me know! comment or email.  

I Love what I do, and that’s talk about problems I see in the world. If you want to start just click this link for more :



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