Story Time…


Okay, so one of the many things I do is help younger girls. I volunteer, and I have group talks. I recently had a week long summer camp with a group of high school graduates, boys and girls about 30 altogether. I was once a part of this group when I first graduated high school, so I came back to help out and to get paid.
For a week long my job was to watch over the girls mainly, because the boys had their own counselors, along with 2 other girl counselors. We were giving a room, food, rules, schedules, and authority. Now my job way just to make sure nothing happened to them. Their parents still had legal custody and wanted to make sure we would keep them safe. Our advisor signed off on each of them stating he would be responsible if anything should happen. O, I probably should have mentioned this is on a college campus during the summer. Anyhow, one rule was to not make them leave the campus grounds, especially at night. We knew this, they knew this, and we all knew this!
Third night the whole group was going to play a game, ‘never have I ever….’ ‘Truth or dare?’ you know simple games that always turn sexual because of that one person. So the other girl counselors and I are waiting for the guys to tell us they are ready, and we see a few girls getting dressed. Not just comfortable night wear dressed, but I’m going to a party dressed. I’m a senior in college, been there, done that, I’ve been around the block a few times to know what’s going on. So I asked one of the girls, “where are you guys going?” they looked at me as if I didn’t know.
“We’re going up stairs to see the football players.” One said. This could have been believable since they did go hang with football players the first night. I know you may be thinking that’s dangerous for high school girls to be doing that but they were only high school grads themselves. These football players were freshmen just starting and they were red shirted. Back to the story.
“You’re sure that’s where you’re going all dressed up?” I asked again.
“Yea” another one said.
I saw that they were going to keep lying and since I know I couldn’t be held accountable I just let it go.
Later on we are playing some games as a group in the boys’ dorms and one of the guys shows me there snapchat. The same girls were on a video at a fraternity party. I mean how dense can you be. Why would you post evidence of yourself at a party you had no business being at? Now I couldn’t say I didn’t see or know anything. I got mad because it’s one thing to lie, it’s another to lie to my face, and stupidly put evidence for me to catch you. So one of the boys called one of the girls at the party, no answer. About 15 minutes went by and she calls back and I answer, “Where are you?”
“Oh, I’m outside.” She lied.
“So, you’re not at a party?” I asked.
“Me? No, I’m outside, I got mad so I came out here to cool down.” She lied again.
“Where are the other girls?” I asked.
“Um, I don’t know where they are, but I’m outside. Am I in trouble?” she said.
“Okay, just making sure, bye.” I hung up the phone. I thought it was funny because one another counselor was outside, and the girls weren’t there. Two, I just saw your snapchat, you were partying, I saw you guys, I saw your faces! Why are you still lying? What made the other counselors mad was that about 20 minutes later, they took down the snap and posted another. One of the dorm basement captions ‘catch me if you can’. At this point we all wondered how dense can people really be. At this point I’m done and I’m tired, so it’s time for me to go to bed. I walk up to the dorm lounge door, all I hear is talking and plans. I open the door and everything is silent. I walked through and all the girls are just chilling, not saying a word, and staring at me. One girls asked, “So do you have a cat?” and they all start laughing. I honestly couldn’t care anymore at this point because they were all back safe, and I wasn’t going to get in trouble. So I walked in the girls’ bathroom, and I see one of the girls. She went to a frat party and get this, she’s only 17. “How was the party?” I asked.
“Uh, um it was ok.” She replied.
“Cool, so listen, I couldn’t care less about your life choices or theirs. I’m not going to get in trouble for any of you just because you want to party. Y’all almost grown, and that’s what people want to do but don’t do it on my watch, especially you. People get shot, raped, put in hospitals at these parties. I’m not getting in trouble for you or any of the others. Okay? I’m not trying to be mean but that’s how it is, I’m not going down for anyone.” I said.
“I understand, because I wouldn’t want to get in trouble either for someone else’s mistakes.” She understood. And I’m glad she did. After that I went and chilled with the girls for a bit then I went to bed.
The next day we had classes and activities, our advisor is with us all through the day. Towards the evening at our last activity he comes up and says, “So the girls went out last night, which ones?” my face was dumbfounded. How did he find out? I wasn’t going to tell. Even though I was upset with the girls I wasn’t going to tell. But I saw that he meant business and I had a job so I told him. I told him how they lied and how they put it on snap chat and how they replaced the video so conveniently. I told him the four I saw on video. He was pissed. He immediately went to speak to the girls. I then went to my co-counselors and asked which one told. None of them told him, we all said nothing to him but he figured it out. He came to us one by one throughout the day and got intel. Can’t lie my advisor is a true ninja.


I Love what I do, and that’s talk about problems I see in the world. If you want to start just click this link for more :


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