In the Mirror

12107992_1651968281707861_8472577880040958930_n.jpg You ever look in the mirror and tell yourself, “I’m beautiful.” Well you should. Everyday try it, and see what a change you make within yourself. Too often we only focus on the negatives and that affects us to. How often do you look in the mirror and say, “WTF is that? Uh, gosh I’m ugly.” It’s sad but it’s true. Why can’t we be happy with ourselves? Why must we try so hard to look like someone else, when being ourselves is just as good?  I can’t speak for everyone but I know ever since I was young I was told how to look, act, dress, think, and be. People actually told me how to be. We live in a society that women are mainly judged on their looks, and if they’re not up to par then you suck. This is what we’ve been spoon fed for all our lives. Our families, friends, media, relationships, strangers, anyone and everyone has something to say about what makes us or breaks us. To be honest, that won’t ever stop. It’s already started the cycle again with the new generation.  It has to be the hardest thing to watch when seeing a little girls struggle with her appearance. You’re trying to convince her she is beautiful. But all she can see are the others around her that don’t look like her, and that’s what she thinks beauty is. The definition of beauty has changed over the years, and in this era beauty is whoever can look the most like Kylie Jenner. It’s funny because not even Kylie looks like herself. She has a beautiful heart but she was a victim to what people think and say. We want to change our appearance to please others. No One should have to do that. We were all created beautiful, we need to say it. We all need to take a tip from SpongeBob but change ugly to beautiful. I can be honest, we all have flaws. We all have bad hair days, pimples, dark circles, bad breath, sweat, and much more. Noticed I said things we can change. Your hair texture or color, skin tone, lips, eyes, nose, body shape are all things we were giving from God to make us beautiful. Being different is unique and it’s beautiful not a flaw. My big nose and lips are not a flaw, they are what makes me, me. My dark skin tone and kinky curly hair is not a flaw, they don’t need to change in order for me to be beautiful. I am beautiful because of them, not in spite of them. To myself, I know I’m perfect because God created me to be perfect because I was made in him imagine. To people, I’m just another number. Another person they label and put into a category. I’m nothing special because who ever made the system made it so they would be the perfect ones. This is why the system is flawed, not us. To those who fit societies standard, congrats. But are you really happy? I find that those who work harder to be something that they’re not are often more unhappy and tired. They actually have to work every day to try and live up to someone else’s standard. I would like to say I woke up like this. I woke up looking like me, and only me, flawless, well maybe a pimple here and there, but you get what I mean.

Don’t live up to someone else’s ideals of beauty, live up to your own. Be your own system, and tell yourself you’re beautiful every day. Life is to short and challenging for me to worry about if I look the part. Chances are if you’re confident in whom you are, you already fit the bill. You have to love yourself, because there’s only one you and that the most beautiful thing of all.


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