Story Time: I got pulled over!


First let me say that I’m a great driver. But somehow I’ve been pulled over twice so far in my driving life. I also must say I respect the officers who get up every day to protect and serve the citizens. It’s not an easy job and honestly I wouldn’t put my life on the line for some stranger.

The first time was a few months ago when I was driving to work. At the time I worked at the public health department.  I got on the freeway and the speed limit changes from 50mph to 60 mph frequently. I’m driving along and I’m in the 50mph zone and there’s this long line of cars. At the front of the line was a cop car. No one was trying to pass him or get over. It was literally like 10 cars behind him. I have to drive about 15-20 minutes and I wasn’t going to join this line so I go into the merging lane. I wasn’t going to speed and give the guy a reason to pull me over so I made sure to watch my speed. I started going 51mph. Slowly but surely I was getting close to cop. I legit got about a foot in front of him and he turned on his lights and pulls me over. Not really sure why, I wasn’t speeding. Going 1mph over the limit is not speeding, that’s error. There’s no way a speedometer will catch 1mph over and you get a ticket or get pulled over, but I did. So I’m waiting for the guy to come and talk to me. A chubby white officer comes up to my passenger window and starts yelling at me. “What do you think you’re doing?! You were speeding! Are you stupid?! You can’t do that!” At this point I smiled because I didn’t feel like having an argument, I just wanted to get to work. So replied, “I was going 51 sir. I thought it was okay to go up to 5 over the limit.” He paused for a second and then said, “Well you can’t! And you passed a police officer! You’re not a loud to pass an officer!” Pause, if you know, please tell me, is that true? He wasn’t going anywhere, his lights weren’t on. So I replied, “I’m sorry sir, no one ever told me of that rule. I never read that anywhere either.” He was huffing a puffing but I wasn’t going to let him get me upset. I did nothing wrong but I was going to keep my composure. No one can make me mad, it’s a decision. So he walks away after yelling about nonsense. He’s at his car for 5 minutes and comes back. He asked, “Whose car is this?! These plates are for another car!” Yes, it was a car I just purchased. I traded in my old one for a new one. By law you have 30 days with your old plates before you have to get new ones. I informed him of that and showed him my proof of purchase slip with the date I bought the car on it. He paused for another second and said, “Well you have 2 more weeks to use these plates.” He walks away again. At this point I just wanted to go. He had nothing better to do with his time but just to yell at me. So he comes back, calm now and says he’s going to let me off with a warning. Honestly a warning for what? For driving 51mph in a 50mph zone? Or for using my plates on a new car I just bought?  I feel like he just wanted a reason to get me, but he had none. He tried to intimidate me but it didn’t work. Honestly looking back on it could have gone way worse if I let the cop get to me. He was trying to make get loud and aggressive because typically black women are said to. But that’s not always true. I’m just glad I got to leave the situation without being harmed or losing my life.


Any thoughts? Leave comment!

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