Story time: I got pulled over again!

Ok, I know you might be thinking I’m being reckless now, but no. I’m still a great driver. This is actually a funny story about a time my friend and I were on our way to the gas station and got pulled over. It was the middle of the night but we need some drinks and snacks for a movie night. FYI the friend is a guy friend, and we’re only friends. We were just hanging out and I just want to give a little background about the situation.

So back in February my friend and I were hanging out and he wanted to get some snacks from the gas station. He was going to get me some to so I said I would drive. We get in my car and we start driving. He lives on the street behind me so I just had to go home to get something before we went. I turned the corner and I see a car but it looked like it was turned off. Sure enough I made a turn without using my blinkers so the cop turned on his car and started following me. I’m trying to get to my house and pull in so he couldn’t get me but he did. He pulled me over and I was a block away from my house. My friend is a little baby with stressful situations so before the cop got to us he kept complaining about getting pulled over, if I had insurance, if we got arrested? I had to calm him down before the cop got to my window or he would have thought we were doing something bad. So the cop gets to my window and asks me, “Do you know why I pulled you over?” I look at him a sighed.

“Yes, I turned without signaling. I knew it when I did it but I just kept going.” He smiled and replied, “So did you know that you didn’t do it before or after you saw me?”

I sighed again. I said, “Honestly I knew the whole time, I just couldn’t bring myself to turning on my blinkers. Sorry.” I knew what I did, and I wasn’t going to lie about it. He wasn’t stupid, he looked about my age, tall white guy. I didn’t get a good look at his face because his car lights were bright and shinning in my eyes. He then asks for my license, registration and proof of insurance. So I start digging in my purse and my glove compartment. I found my license and gave it to him. But to find that I was shuffling through all these cards I had including my YSU ID. He then asks, “Oh, you go to YSU? What’s your major?” I told him I was pre-med biology and he continued, “That’s pretty awesome, you’re like really smart then huh?”

“Yeah, I guess not with driving though.” I smiled.

He smiles and then asked, “So where were you going? Its late.” I’m still looking for my insurance card, and I’m pretty sure it’s at my house. Fml! But I just started talking to him, “I was going to Walmart.”

He looks at me shocked, “Why are you going to Walmart so late?”

“To get eggs.” I replied, and it was a lie but who cares.

“You’re going to get eggs this late? Are you making breakfast?” he asked.

“No, my mom is in the morning and she needed eggs.” I said.

“Eggs and bacon?” he asked.

“Yep.” I said with a smile. What he said next blew my mind.

“Can I come?” he asked. Yes, he asked to come to my house for breakfast. Like what? Are you flirting with me or trying to get a free meal here? Either way I told him yes, and that lived down the street. The questions started again.

“So what else will be on the menu?” he asked. And it was kind of cute, but weird that he paid no attention to my friend in the passenger seat. A whole guy sitting there and you don’t know if we are together but you’re trying to come to my house for breakfast. True definition of Mr. Steal your girl. Mind you I haven’t found my cards yet but he was just chatting up a storm. I would have given him my address to if it meant not getting a ticket. Sadly the conversation came to an end when his walkie talkie went off and they said some code. He said crap and looked sad that he had to leave. He said, “dang, I have to take this this, but you can go. Have a nice night and use your blinkers.”

I was kind of sad he had to go because I wanted to see what would happen if he actually came over. I wonder what my dad would have said. He wouldn’t be mad because I didn’t get a ticket, but he would be mad that a guy came over the house for me. I know my mom would have laughed and gave me a high five for thinking on my feet. She probably would have told me to let him take me on a date. She would really sit there trying to talk me up to this guy to while we were at the table eating breakfast.


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