New Year! New Me? 10 Tips


Yes, everyone always says it but who really follows through? The top resolutions are getting healthy and losing weight according to Neilsen. Why is it so hard for most people to keep their resolutions? Is it because its to hard or that we’re lazy? It’s not that it’s hard or that we are lazy but we seem to forget what is the motivation behind it all. We are creatures of habit and if we aren’t used to doing certain things we will eventually stop. This year, let’s not stop! Here are some tips to help you keep Your resolutions!

1. Make it something YOU really want. 

What’s the reason behind it all? If anything it should be for yourself. When you really want something you will more likely go out and get it. I know if I want those new pair of boots, I’m getting them. If someone else wanted to get those boots, more likely I won’t go back to buy them. Make what you want a priority.

2. Be Specific 

When it comes to something you want, you have to be specific. Don’t be to big, narrow it down to make the goal more realistic. Find the small details that make the big picture a reality. If your plan is to become a better cook, don’t start on a lobster cream sauce. Start out with simple things like how to make an egg. It might be silly at first but everything is a stepping stone.

3. Make a plan

Make a flow chart, diagram, draw it out, stepping ladder, etc. Make each step clear and concise. This is very effective, and helps you know what to do next. Take it in intervals. If you’re losing weight, start off with 2 lbs. After try 5 lbs. Then try 10 lbs. Don’t just say you want to lose 50 lbs and think it will all come off at once. 50 is at the top of the ladder, you have to start your climbing at 2.

4. Visualize

Get some sticky notes, write your goals down, and stick them on your mirror or refrigerator. It matters where you put them because it will be a constant reminder of your goals. If you see it every time you brush your teeth you will be reminded to try each day. The constant reminder will help you stay on task and hopefully reach your goal.

5. Set reminders

Cell Phone Time! We all have cell phones. Androids or iPhones. We all have that reminder app on our phones, but who actually uses it? Start using it! If you don’t know how to use it, use your calendar. Set an appointment each day or week that reminds you of your goal. Set a reminder for 7 pm each Monday to read that book you wanted to get to. Also set aside the allotted time. So for that book, set aside 2 hours.

6. Track your progress

Take pictures, keep a journal, do something to track where you’ve come from to where you are. Don’t how ever take a picture of your hair growth every week and expect dramatic results. Monthly records are good for goals like that. Each month just write down where you are, and by the time you realize it, a lot has changed.

7. Accountability

This is very important and often forgotten. Get a friend, family member, significant other, someone. Find someone to keep you on track. Someone who you can’t bull crap your way out of. Someone who will ask you, “Did you organize all the papers you said you had to?” A good friend will help you stay on track and will give you crap if you don’t. We all need that support system.

8. Be prepared to make a change

If you don’t want to give up certain things then change you goal. We all must understand that when wanting a new goal, a change will occur. Whether the change be something we want or don’t want. There will be change, and if the goal is worth it you must change with it. If you want to start being on time to work, you have to wake up earlier. No one really wants to lose sleep but if you can’t make your morning routine faster, you have to wake up earlier. Something will have to change.

9. Keep trying

Don’t stop believing. You can and will meet your goal. Don’t focus on the negatives, don’t think about the trials. Keep hope and faith. Don’t stop because someone else says you will never make it. If anything that should help you push harder just to prove them wrong. Some people will also try and bring you down just so you don’t level up on them. Misery loves company. Don’t stay where you are in life, rise above the situation.

10. Reward yourself

Yay! You’re doing it. Celebrate. Be happy and give yourself a pat on the back. Each month reward yourself. It can be with something as simple as looking in the mirror and saying, “Good job gorgeous!” or having a slice of cake. Rewards help us stay on track, and gives us short-term gratifications. Be proud that you are making you goal a reality. Don’t stop, Keep it going!


Any thoughts? Leave comment!

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