Broke Love?

I have to say no. Not because the ring is small but what it brings. According to The Huffington Post one of the leading cause of divorce is financial reasons.

I always hear people say, “If that’s all he could afford I would say yes.” In all honesty, if that’s all he can afford, the ring is the least of your worries. Marriage takes more than a ring. The ring will ultimately be the cheapest thing he purchases. Not only do you have to have to pay for a wedding, you have other expenses. The house, cars, kids, food, bills, education etc. If that ring is all he can afford then y’all cannot afford to be married. Marriage is a partnership. You both have to pull your weight. If one of you are financially stable and the other isn’t, it will cause problems. Most married couples argue over finance problem, so why start a marriage with one. I’m not saying leave the person if they aren’t financially sound. I’m saying you can wait, both of you can wait. If you love each other, waiting until a better time won’t hurt your situation. Don’t rush into something that will last 3 years tops. Love can get you through difficult times but it’s not enough, at least for most people. Money is the root to all evil, and when it’s in the equation evil comes out. Money is necessary to survive. I’m not a money hungry person or a gold digger, but I also don’t want to come home to a house with no lights and my kids are crying because they’re hungry. Love can’t make me look past a situation like that. No person should have to come home to a house filled with chaos because the other can’t keep a job or keeps spending too much. Broke love does not work and it never did. The only time broke love will work is if both partners don’t want anything in life. They both have to want to live that broke lifestyle, which you do have couples like that but more often you don’t see it. I’m thinking rational about the situation. What would you do? What would you want? Are you okay with coming home with no running water? Or have you been in this situation before?


Any thoughts? Leave comment!

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