lrGrace_Kelly_301This blog is primarily about what a girl should grow up to be. I want to try to encourage little girls not to want to be another statistic but to have respect for themselves, and to love themselves. I want to be a voice that little girls can hear, and want to better themselves. This is not only for little girls, it’s also for woman out their too. You can never stop improving and growing in any field. When I speak about being a lady, I mean being a person who has respect for themselves, polite to others, kind, generous, intelligent, knows her worth, and a great role model for any young person to inspire to be, a Proverbs 31 woman. At times we may not know this but we are constantly being watched. Someone somewhere is watching you wanting to be like you because they think you’re cool. That person may be a family member or a close friend but wouldn’t you want for them to have a great life? Being a role model doesn’t mean you wont mess up, in fact you will a lot of times. Being that role model means that you can get back up from your mistakes, and caution others from your mistakes so they wont have to fail. I want to see this world be a better place and it takes a few good hearts and love and power from God.


Every week there will be a new post on this blog. if you like what you see, help me out. please share, like, comment on the post or if you see any errors, which might, send me an email. I want to see the next generation grow. Click on this to say something or to like it. Also as a disclaimer, all photos used aren’t mine. They are copied from me searching google.com.


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