Gertrude Bell (Archaeologist)

Gertrude Bell

  • NAME: Gertrude Bell
  • OCCUPATION: Archaeologist, Explorer, Political Leader, Writer
  • BIRTH DATE: July 14, 1868
  • DEATH DATE: July 12, 1926
  • EDUCATION: Oxford University
  • PLACE OF BIRTH: Durham, England, United Kingdom
  • PLACE OF DEATH: Baghdad, Iraq
  • Full Name: Gertrude Margaret Lowthian Bell, CBE
  • Full Name: Gertrude Bell
  • Originally: Gertrude Margaret Lowthian Bell

Gertrude Bell was born on July 14, 1868, in Durham, England. She studied history at Oxford and embarked on a career as a writer, traveler and archaeologist. Fluent in Persian and Arabic, Bell worked for the British government in Cairo during World War I. She contributed to the construction of the Iraqi state in 1921, as well as the National Museum of Iraq. Bell died in Baghdad on July 12, 1926.


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